Go Flying with Captain Penelope!
Penelope has always dreamed of being a pilot. Today she is so excited to fly
for the first time as the Captain on an airplane. Follow along as she gets
ready for takeoff!

Empowers girls to consider non-traditional career opportunities.
Forty full page, full color illustrated pages.
Includes a cutout Penelope Pilot doll with stand.
Discusses responsibility and teamwork.
Teaches Yes, Girls Can Fly!

This entertaining and educational hardcover
book about Penelope's crew and their
preparations for a flight is targeted for 4 to 11
year olds with lessons for kids of all ages. With
the turn of every page, you will be fascinated
with the vibrant illustrations and informed with
definitions of aviation terms. All profits from
the sales of this book benefit the nonprofit organization Girls With Wings, Inc.

About the Author
Lynda Meeks began her aviation career by serving in the United States Army
where she accomplished her initial flight training to earn her wings. She flew
both helicopters and fixed wing airplanes on various missions all over the
world during her seven year active duty commitment with the US Army. In
2000, she transitioned to the commercial airlines and then to the fractional
airlines flying the Citation X. She now resides in Lakewood, Ohio.

After more than a century of aviation growth and innovation, only 6% of
pilots in the United States are women. Lynda concluded a concerted effort
was needed to promote aviation to young girls so they ll develop an inherent
interest in the aviation industry.

Penelope Pilot And Her First Day As Captain is Lynda's first children's book.

More comments on the book:
What better way to let girls know that they can do anything that they aspire
to do, and let boys know that girls can do anything, too! Buy this book for
your children and/or your grandchildren! - AA

This book is a FANTASTIC book to inspire any child...especially a little girl that
they can be whatever they want to be! The message is wonderful and the
illustrations are incredible too! I actually bought this book for a baby shower
gift...knowing that they are expecting a girl it will be a departure from more
traditional books in this young one's library! It is also book I'll buy for any
young girl to introduce them to the idea that they too can take flight and
make their dreams come true! - JMe923
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Girls With Wings - Dreams Take Flight!
Girls With Wings - Dreams Take Flight!
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Got the books today (Dec
A bit bigger than I was
expecting (this is a good
thing) and really eye
catching. Can't wait to
Got the books today (Dec
get them to school for
14th). They are fabulous!
the new year. Thanks so
much for your effort
especially at this time of
the year. Very well
packaged too. Thanks
again. Luv ya work!! Chris
I gave this book to my
friend's 5 and 1/2 year
she has been asking her
mom to read her the
book before going to
sleep every night. She is
now inspired to become a
pilot, however, in her own
words "I want focused on
becoming the first woman
US president, so I will
learn to fly first."

Lynda, this is a well done
and thought out book.
Congratulations and
please continue your
great work. Rico
I thought your book was
wonderful - it was exactly
what I was looking for.
And now a moment to
brag as a proud Dad,
Lynda wrote about her
trip to DC and staying
with my family, which
includes my young kids
(future pilots). You can

read on her blog
how Aiden and Madeleine
gave Lynda a run for her
money last week. I think
that blog article helps
show how Lynda tries to
aspire girls to follow their
dreams of flying in the
Captain's seat. Madeleine
is a hard girl to get
through, so it was great
to see her warm up to
Lynda last week and talk
about when she'll one
day pilot an airplane
better than her Dad and
brother. - Keith
picked up a copy of
Penelope Pilot and her
First Day as Captain, and
our daughter loves it!
She will be 5 on August
15th. She would like to
know "how many stripes
do you have? Thank
you!" Thanks for writing
such a great book, for
your service to our
country, and your work
with Girls with Wings. -
Marty --Email
I have a tween-age niece
have since taken her up
in the plane, and she
loves it. Before reading
this, she thought only
"boys" got to be pilots.
aviation, just bought
another copy of it for
another cousin. The
insert is neat, the art is
pretty, and I have it on
good authority that it
appeals to girls. - Sean
My daughter was 9 when I
bought this for her. At first
she didn't seem interested
but a few days after giving it
to her I could tell she had
been looking at the book.
Soon enough she asked me
to read it to her. She loves
hearing about Penelope's
adventures. It is a great and
inspirational book for girls of
all ages. - Rob
In a world where most pilots are male, girls haven't really had much
inspiration to learn to fly. As a female pilot myself, I'm thrilled Lynda's book
is making it to libraries around the US because it gives girls an idea of what a
Captain's responsibilities are. With the beautiful illustrations and the easy
reading, it's a great book to bring to Girl Scout troops as they earn their
aviation badges. Penelope is a great role model and someone little girls can
look up to! - Twilite Flyer
The Penelope Pilot book is available for Purchase on
eBay and Amazon.
Loved reading it to both
my 8 year old nephew
and my baby girl! Thank
you for writing this book,
it made me very proud to
explain what mommy
work! Very inspirational
for all females and all
pilots:) Great pictures
too! A true one of a kind
book :) - oupilot00